Sunday, 8 March 2015


Got one of Doctor Arkadius' Gorax painted up a.k.a. Weapon X:

I decided that I was not happy with the sculpted helmet I made for him before so I ripped it off and converted one from an Ogre Kingdoms Cannon. The colour scheme is a bit of departure from my normal colour scheme as there is no reddish brown skin or purple hair for him, with Weapon X sorta having a Morlock look to him.

Also Alten Ashley:

Monday, 23 February 2015


Got this bad boi finished today, pretty happy with the way it came out. My only beef with it is the undercoating I used as I noticed that the model was chipping alot whilst painting. I can see the paint falling off the model by tomorrow so have taken an excessive amount of pics to capture his glory. So beware next time you go to B&Q and see Diall surface primer for under a fiver, DON'T!!!

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Finally got a camera to take some pics of models I painted. Enjoy!

Lord Carver, BMMD Esq. iii
Road Hog
Gun Boar
Doctor Arkadius
Saxon Orrik

More pictures of these in the gallery

Thursday, 19 February 2015

My latest creations....

With the Arkadius NQ tier list being all the rage decided to whip these guys up for Smogcon tomorrow.

For the Gorax with the Iron Jaw I used this Tutorial : to make it entirely out of Plasticard

For the next Gorax had a idea to make it look like Weapon X having just torn himself right out off the testing table and going on a bit of a rampage

Sunday, 8 June 2014

UK Games Expo Masters 2014

I went to the UK Games Expo for a Masters Tournament in Birmingham and was I impressed cause the sheer volume of people at the Hilton hotel which was muhassive but also the amount of events they had taking place. It was also quite sad as well cause I was amongst my kind and the dudes, as well as the occasional chick, looked alot like me: bald and bearded. What was even more disconcerting was that they were overweight... I need to start running again. Anyway I digress...

The reason I was there was for the Warmachine/ Hordes Tournament which was 3 x 50 pts lists on the first day and then 2 x 35 pts lists. I wasn't expecting much of myself as its a new army and even now I'm still trying to get used to the faction. On the first day I did alright winning 2 (Menoth and Convergence) and lost 2 (Circle and Cryx). Second day was abysmal losing all 3 and this was down to stupid mistakes on my part. But I have learnt alot especially with Sturm and Drang and what I should be doing especially with his feat. I was right about using him against Hordes and one of the players, Brett, agreed and that I need to be more aggressive with the list. Anyway since then I buttoned down and start painting some models:

These are still a work in progress (just needing washes and highlights) but once they're done will put the proper pics up. With my farrow have decided to go for a garish 80s feel to them with bright colours but am being hella lazy with the skin by drybrushing it. This is gonna look better than most armies fielded anyway so may as well be a bit lazy and have something nicely painted rather than nothing at all.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Squeal piggeh

Been a while since my last update, RL got in the way blah blah blah. In that time I've pretty much given up on my Menoth army in favour of another faction, The Thornfall Alliance. They may not have much in way of diversity in the game but have a bad ass faction leader and have one of the best sculpted models in the game:

Though I think that this is one of the models PP have made spam 3 identical models is a bit lame so decided to hack one of them apart to make this bad boy:

Not a really good pic cause I was using my shitty phone for this. Didn't think the motherfucker would get made but involved hacking apart his arms and legs as well using bits from the Cryx Slayer kit. The bit am most proud of was using the arm of the Warhog to turn into a gas mask. I I've seen from conversions online of people themeing their Warhogs based on other faction models and thinking of doing the same. The next Warhog to make will be Khadorian as I have the parts already for that. Watch this space

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Chaos Lord of Nurgle on Chariot

I had this idea for a Chaos Lord of Nurgle on a Chariot of Chaos years back (I think this was during the Storm of Chaos campaign) and I managed to acquire all the parts of it. This included parts from the old Nurgle palanquin, wheels from the old Skaven Doomwheel and other miscellaneous parts.  However I never knew how to actually have it all stay together as I had pinned the wheels onto a beastmen chariot chassis and it would wobble. It was only until I was told that I could use plasticard shaped as a girder to keep it all together that I was able to complete it last year:

The only problem is that its not WISYWIG as there ain't an extra Chaos Warrior on the chariot but fuck y'all!